Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

Other Bearhawk Builders

Eric Newton's Mississippi Mudbug:  Builders Manuals, Loads of Bearhawk Related Content.  The de-facto Bearhawk HQ on the web (since the designer is allergic to electrons).

Jared Yates:  Nice WordPress blog of a QB Kit in progress.  Jared has some nice customization ideas he's implementing.

Ron Jones: Very detailed Kitlog Pro site of a QB Kit in progress.  Ron's site can almost serve as a third manual for the plane.  He updates quite often.

Russ Erb's "Three Sigma":  Russ's website contains a wealth of information about his flying scratchbuilt Bearhawk.  He also sells the very helpful reference CD.

Tom Walter:Kitlog Pro site of QB Kit in progress.