Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

Hardware Used

I'm finding that I have much of the hardware needed on hand, however it doesn't really match up to the hardware by application list on pgs 71-73 of the Avipro manual.  Also there are several bolts I don't have so I'm going to try to keep a list of what I used and where to make a better hardware list. Don't use this as a master list because if I slack somewhere on the blog, this will be it.  Also, I'm only going to list bolt sizes, you can pretty much assume a washer and nut on each.  Please realize that there are some areas where the hardware will always be the same (going through a known size tube) and other areas where there may be differences from kit to kit (depends on how aggressively they ground some bushings at the factory).  Use the correct hardware for your individual kit; be mindful of grip length and nut usage per AC43.13.


  • AN4-22A X 2 Stab Carry-though (fuselage->bushing->carry-though tube)
  • AN3-12A X 2 Stabilizer halves to carry-though
  • AN3-10A X 4 Elevator trim torque tube bellcranks/horns
  • AN3-14A X 2 Stabilizer -> Strut
  • AN4-10    X 2 Strut-> Fuselage Tab  (no rotation here, just paranoia could use a 10A + locknut)
  • AN4-14A X 2 Inner Elevator Hinge
  • AN 4-17A X 2 Outer Elevator Hinge + Flying wire Brackets
  • AN665-34R X 2 Tail Strut to Fuselage Clevis  (put a check nut on also, to prevent vibration)
  • AN4-22   X 4 Rudder Pedal->Break Pedal
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