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Assembly Information

This is not a substitute for the plans, manuals, AC43.13, Beartracks Newsletters, or any other official literature.  Those are the standards to build to.  This is an informal list so if you're truly puzzled about your kit; Avipro and Bob Barrows have the official answers.

This page is intended to be a running list of items not explicitly in the manuals that I thought would be helpful.  It is specific to the QB Kit.  There are deviations from the plans on the kit so the really detailed (Eric Newton) manuals don't cover them and the Avipro literature is high level.  This is  simply meant to be a builders resource to help others that might come along after.  Most of this stuff can be found by searching bearhawkqbkit yahoo group archives, but here it is in 1 place.  Dan Checkoway did this some on which is the inspiration for my blog.   He found discrepancies and missing stuff in the Van's manuals which are arguably some of the most detailed out there.  I don't mean to sound critical because I really like my kit.  I'd also like to inspire others to build with this blog so please understand that it's called home built and experimental for a reason.  You learn stuff and have to figure a few things out, it's all part of the  (awesome) experience.

Instruction Items:

  1. Elevator Trim Torque Tubes - Horn ends are bolted on with AN3's.  Plans show welded horns, no call-out in the manual so bolt them like the bell-crank but make sure you orient the bolt such that it won't get in the way of the stab covering.
  2. Tail Struts - AN665-34R clevis ends go on the fuselage end of the strut.  That part number isn't in the manual (not even the parts list) but it's in the wicks hardware list/kit.  The plans show building the struts to fit from steel but kits use clevis's.   There is a small picture in the manual of a clevis with a washer inside, this is the one discussed here and include the washer so you don't smash the linkage.

Tools you'll need (and not in other lists):

  1. 5/16-24 tap for rudder stop bolts (AN5).  I have a large tap set so this wasn't an issue.  On the subject of taps; purchase the best you can reasonably afford and take it slow.
  2. Safety wire pliers (no one ever includes this on a builders tool list, I guess they assume builders have been owners previously and already have a set)
  3. 3/8-24 tap and 5/16-24 tap to clean threads out of back seat mount bushings
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