Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

9Jul/114 hrs

Re-Locating Fuel Selector (Planning)

This morning was spent planning, measuring, and visualizing the fuel system as it relates to the fuel valve and gascolator.  The location Avipro provides is a bit of a reach and it's right under the flap handle.  This creates a knuckle buster situation when operating the flaps (which as Jared Yates pointed out will be used a-lot more than the fuel valve).  It's also quite difficult to move this particular valve under the flap handle.  Because of these reasons, I'm re-locating it.


There isn't much depth between the floorboards and belly so everything is a tight fit.  Since the shock struts also run through the area the landing gear was temporarily installed to ensure clearance between all the parts.  I settled on a location closer to the seat, and beside the flap handle (not under it).  The shape of the plate needed to fit the area is very irregular so I made a template and verified the fit/clearance.


The fuel selector is a Newton SPRL 4-way valve and I really like the design.  The outlet is on the side (not bottom like Andair) so it's not too deep.  Another really nice feature is that it's positive locking and doesn't need a bump guard.  You have to lift the spring loaded selector to move between L/R/Off/Both.  One shortcoming is that the outlet port is on the front of the valve, which would work great for a tri gear plane.  Since I need the gascolator aft of the selector (lower on a conventional gear), I need the outlet port facing aft.  It's because of this, the markings on the valve are backward, for now.  I flipped the valve around, so the outlet is aft.   I'll either turn the marking's off and re-engrave the top plate OR I'll make a coverplate with correct markings.  R/L will be correct but the Both/Off positions will swap places.

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