Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

3Oct/106 hrs

Prepped parts for welding, Welded additional fairleads, Rudder fabric attachment

Today I prepared tubing for welding by using my die grinder and scotchbrite roloc wheels to remove the Avipro paint and primer.  In some smaller areas I had to use a small detail wheel on a dremel tool.  Today I successfully added fairleads at STA E and a fabric attach channel on the lower rudder hinge.  The fairleads were added to prevent the rudder cables from rubbing on the back seat as covered in a previous post.  The channel I added to the rudder is to provide a place to attach the fabric on the bottom of the rudder since there is a hinge there and not much stationary area to glue to.  The rudder fabric channel was bent from .032 4130 and the fairleads are .058 x 7/8 tubing (3/4 long).

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