Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

29Sep/102 hrs

Determined best location for additional fairleads at STA E

I ran into a small problem with the rudder cables at station E.  There is no fairlead at this location on my kit and as a result the cables rub on the seat frame.  Bob had them removed some time back to make room to access the seat belt/float bushing at that location.  There are really 2 solutions for this.  I chose not to adhere a rub block to the seat frame because the cables are really far out of the corner and it will make my cable guards quite large and eat up flat floor space.  I chose instead to add a fairlead near sta. E.  I spent most of the evening determining a location that would eliminate the rub, put the cables into the corner, and stay out of the way of that seat belt bushing.

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