Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log


Airventure 2010

No building progress over the past two weeks.  Stacey and I attended Airventure to get ideas for the project and meet up with other builders.  There were not many Bearhawk's at OSH this year.  Bob brought his Patrol and competed at the New Holstein super cub contest.  Ray Gabriel was the only other Bearhawk on the show line.  Mark's Bearhawk was doing demo rides and the Ron Burleigh BH was at the booth as usual.  We attended the dinner and most of the people there I had never talked to and don't really participate on the online group.

Overall we had a good show and got a few ideas for our project. The highlight of the weekend was the New Holstein pig roast.  Super Cub guys are crazy...  It's a requirement.

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  1. Hi Matt. Can you email me the photo of the transparent door labeled “Savor?” That is awesome and I’d love to noodle on how to do it on my BH someday. Thanks!

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