Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

11Jun/105 hrs

More Seats, Floorboards

I finished drilling the floorboard holes for the back seat today.  The rearward holes at Sta. E required drilling through both panels and I managed to make the holes line up almost perfectly over the mount bushing.  I finished drilled and deburred all holes.  It went much better this time as I used a #1 Irwin Unibit after drilling a #30 pilot hole.  I also filed out the clevis mounts on the legs of the backseat to allow the tabs to fit in.  The tubes hadn't quite been cut enough on one side and there was quite a bit of primer and welding flash that I filed out.  I reamed the holes in the seats and mount tabs to 1/4" to accept push button quick release pins (using Jergens 1/4x0.75, cheaper on Amazon).  The seat will wait for final install until 2 odd sized taps come in the mail to help clean primer out of the threads in the seat mount bushings.

Additionally, I finished trimming springs to fit the front seat adjusters.  The adjuster pins were prepared to be cut to final length (next time).

Finally, Stacey came to the hangar after work and helped me make a template for the floorboard forward and underneath the rudder pedals.  Avipro didn't include this panel, but I feel it's necessary to keep things from falling into the belly of the plane.

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