Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

5Jun/103 hrs

Finished Match Drilling floorboards, Seat adjusters

Stacey helped me finish the match drilling on the floorboards that we're keeping.   We just drilled 1/8 pilot holes for now, will come back and increase the tab and floorboard hole size for #8 screws and monadnock nut clips.  I'm going to end up fabricating a new floorboard immediately forward of the front seats to go around the sticks/flap handle.  I want something I can remove at annual without pulling the sticks so I'm going to use the kit floorboard as a template and make a new one split in half with an overlap in the middle..  I'll also make covers for the hole in that floorboard and another cover to go forward of the rudder pedals.

Today we also worked on sanding the primer out of the seat adjuster components where the fittings go together and slid the adjusters on.  The seat locking pin is way to long and will need to be cut down to size and rounded off (domed) so it clears the seat and easily indexes in the adjustment holes.  I also worked on cutting down a compression spring to go in the adjuster since these springs are really short.

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