Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

29May/102.5 hrs

Finish Drilled Seat Adjustments, Located Floorboards

Today is the second day of drilling seat adjustment holes.  Yesterday I did the layout on the adjuster plates.  I slid the seats in place and marked the centerline of the plate as it aligns to the hole in the fuselage frame.  I also marked the maximum travel locations on each seat (they're slightly different).  Using the travel locations, I used a rivet fan to figure out how many holes to drill so I ended up with equidistant holes approximately 1" apart.  I ended up just slightly less than an inch but the distance between holes is plenty and I'd rather have a slightly finer adjustment.

Drilling the holes took some time.  I ended up working my way up from 1/8" pilot holes (so I could cleco the rivet fan in place to mark the middle holes) all the way up to 1/4 inch.  I ended up with 7 holes per seat so working my way through the drills is what was slow.  I used a reamer for the last size increase to get a nice round hole.  Also, I excessively deburred the holes so  the edges such that it started to countersink to help index the adjustment pins.  I may actually go back with a microstop and put a 1/16" deep countersink on each hole so there is an edge to guide the pin.

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