Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

12May/101.5 hrs

Drilled Control Stick Mount Tabs

I made a quick trip to the hangar tonight to drill the control stick mount tabs.  For the first time the manual says "you should strive for perfection" and this uber anal first time builder went for just that.  I was not able to get a 100% perfect alignment, but compared to what I've seen on other builder logs, I got really dang close.   I sent the pictures to Mark and he confirmed it's okay.  I didn't really care to burn an hour worth of fuel $$$ on new pulleys every year because the cables rubbed.

The control sticks can be assembled eight different ways.  The secret was to systematically work through each permutation and document the results.  There were several iterations that didn't align well at all.  As you can see, I found an arrangement that made 1 side perfect and the other very close.  I was a tempted to heat the right bracket (with a steel spacer and pin punch in it to maintain shape) and twist it into alignment.  I could not calculate how the cable will flow off the back of the pulley and up the lift strut, was afraid I'd make things worse, so I left it well enough alone.

Finally, via careful measurement I was able to drill holes such that the nuts fit without needing to grind them.   I'll need to torque the bolt instead of the nut, but that's okay considering how close everything is.

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