Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

2May/103 hrs

Control Stick, Cable Pulleys

Control stick assembly was completed.  I had to use the plans, Eric Newton Manual, and the Avipro guide to accomplish it.  I had a hard time getting the little bushings inside of the control stick as they are slightly out of round.  I cleaned the primer out of the bottom holes in the sticks and managed to slide the bearing in with a bit of lps2.  The bearing needed to be reamed for the AN3 bolt which wasn't easy because it wanted to spin.  I pressed it into an undersized hole in wood, reamed it, then poked it back out from the back side.  Stacey installed the pulleys closest to the control sticks so we could use them as a guide to stick alignment.  String was used instead of control cable to show how the cable will align later.

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