Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

25Apr/105.5 hrs

Tail Struts, Re-Installed Elevator

Tail struts were installed today to help hold the tail stable while mounting the elevator and trim components.  AN665-34R clevis ends go on the fuselage end of the strut.  This is different from the welded ends in the plans and the only call-out in the manual is via a picture where it says to use a washer as a spacer to not smash the clevis.  The part number isn't mentioned anywhere in the manual (not even the hardware list) but is in the Wicks list on their site.  I searched the yahoo bearhawkqbkit group to confirm the answer.

I ended up adjusting the tail strut fuselage tabs a bit with my hand seamer.  There's a fine line between getting a good enough alignment and bending it so far that you can't get a bolt past the longeron/weld cluster.  You have to settle for something in-between and call it good enough.  I leveled the fuselage and then screwed and unscrewed the clevis to level the tail.  It's actually easiest to leave the clevis end attached and spin the strut in and out to level.  I'm considering using a drilled bolt,  castle nut, and  cotter pin to safety the tail struts given how critical the component is.

Lastly, Stacey and I sanded the primer off of the elevator tubing where the outboard hinges will be.  We installed the elevator, marked the hinge location, and used masking tape prevent sanding outside the hinge area.   The hinges were oiled and elevator installed.  With the elevator installation, I also mounted the little tabs that the flying wires will attach to.  There are 6 tabs with 3 different bend angles.   I found where each tab belongs by running string between the mount locations and comparing the string angle to the tab bend angle.

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