Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

22Apr/102.5 hrs

Reaming holes for Tail Assembly

This evening I started running a reamer through all pre-drilled holes in the tail to cleanout the primer so bolts will fit. I don't have the correct hardware, so I substituted for now and have the correct sizes documented to order. I decided to go ahead and drill the bellcrank ends of the trim torque tube. My plan is to assemble everything and then match drill the torque tube horns in place. There isn't enough room to drill the bellcrank in place and would just be one more loose piece in the mess so I figure it's better to have it bolted together now. You'll notice that I drilled the bellcranks at an angle to the crank arms so I don't have as much interference getting a wrench on the nut.

My Wednesday work time this week was spent looking for spacer material to use on the trim torque tube.  The manual says to use "hardware store aluminum."   I'm pretty sure the correct material is the K&S 9/16 (.562X.021), however I'm not able to get it locally.  The stuff at Lowes is too big and we don't really have any hardware stores with good variety around.  I'll probably end up welding a 4130 spacer bushing on the torque tubes like the plans show, only do it on the inner portion of the tubes instead of out toward the ends.

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