Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

15Apr/102 hrs

Preparing to Touch Up Primer

Tonight the process began of cleaning and masking off areas where parts packed inside the fuselage rubbed the metal bare.  Approximately 10 tubes are affected.  I wasn't sure what to do and had sort of planned on shooting the areas with zinc chromate, for now.  I contacted Mark from Avipro and he said it's somewhat normal for stuff to rub enroute but they had pulled my landing gear out to do a bush-wheel mod and that loosened the packing which likely exasperated the situation.  All in all it's not too bad and Mark mentioned that it's okay to use Rustoleum bare metal primer.  I like the color match of Rustoleum better as opposed to bright green ZC and visitors won't even notice (that's partly why I'm touching up).  I do intend for this to be temporary protection. There are future welding customizations that will require primer later, so I plan to knock the Rustoleum off and do actual touch up with strontium chromate primer and epoxy topcoat at that time.  I especially want to do this on the longerons where fabric is likely to wrap and adhere.

I finished cleaning the fuselage; ended up using Lacquer Thinner and wish I'd started with it.  The solvent cuts the grime much better than wiping things down with a damp sponge.

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  1. Good stuff, Matt. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you for the comments. I actually didn’t expect them this soon! It does help keep up the motivation to blog when you know someone is reading. Let me know if you see anything you want more detail on and I’ll try to get it. Good luck on yours and let me know when you get it!

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