Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

14Apr/100.5 hr

More Cleaning, Little Progress, Afraid to Start Drilling

I spent time in the hangar this evening mostly looking things over, trying to wrap my head around the next steps.  I didn't make much building progress but I'm starting slow on purpose.  I began to clean the fuselage since it must have been outside a little while before being wrapped.  It's probably not really necessary, but I like things clean.  I started rounding up the hardware to mount the tail and trim components.  This process lead to the discovery that the plans lack a few call-outs, the Avipro manual is pretty generic, and there are a few differences between the plans and kit already.  An example is that you have to infer the bolts going from the fuselage to the stab carry through are AN4 because the hole drilled is 1/4" per drawing 19.  Also, the plans show the trim torque tube horns welded on.  It's somewhat logical to drill and bolt them for the kit...  However the manual has no specifics on the discrepancy.  You have to infer that since the bellcrank uses AN3, the end horns get AN3's also.  Searching past yahoo group BearhawkQBkit posts confirmed this.  I knew going into this build that it's not " insert tab A into slot B" like some other kits.  For a first timer it slows you down and requires research to learn the hows and why's instead of being spoon fed.  I don't think it's a bad thing and I'll probably gain and retain a better knowledge of AC43.13 for building this kit.

Lastly, regarding hardware, I "get" the AN bolt sizing parameters (diameter in 16ths and grip length in 8ths).  It will be awhile before I can look at a part and grab the correct bolt.  I'm going to start using a caliper to measure components and then fetch hardware.

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