Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

11Apr/101 hr

Let the Actual Work Begin!

Our first weekend as Bearhawk owners wrapped up with mostly completing shop infrastructure tasks.  We've unpacked the kit (except the wings) and identified the majority of the small piece parts.  We covered our wing crate with plywood, put it on rollers, and stacked our hangar-mate's Express pieces on it to get these items out of our way.  We also labeled EVERY Bearhawk piece so when the Express is finally sold, we don't accidentally give away Bearhawk items.   A little bit of actual work began by laying out all the horizontal stab and elevator components.  This is my first build, so I felt this was necessary prior to drilling or bolting anything to help me get a good picture of the task at hand.  This procedure also helped me to identify some of the items in the mixed parts bags.  There are 2 bags of fuse parts where it is hard to identify each item within them, but when you need something it becomes obvious what it is.

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