Matt Kunkel's Bearhawk Build Log

18Apr/101 hr

Finished Trial Mounting the Elevators

I didn't make much progress today due to an EAA chapter meeting.   I finished hanging the elevators and everything seems to line up correctly.  I'm less worried about the way I have them mounted after seeing how it looks together.  Both stab halves are able to be removed and replaced (still  have to call it names), the holes line up, and the elevators mount up fine.  The only small discrepancy is the left elevator's misalignment at the leading edge.  The elevator sticks out in front of the LE a bit, but this could fix itself once I start tightening things down.

I left the trim components out on purpose until more confidence was gained on the mounting job/orientation.  Now I can begin installing the trim components, bolting things together with correct hardware sizes, mounting the rudder, and measuring for flying wires.

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